LinchPin Hooks API

The linchpin.hooks module manages the hooks functionality within LinchPin.

class linchpin.hooks.ActionBlockRouter(name, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Proxy pattern implementation for fetching actionmanagers by name

class linchpin.hooks.LinchpinHooks(api)[source]

prepares few context parameters based on the current target_data that is being set. these parameters are based topology name.

run_actions(action_blocks, tgt_data, is_global=False)[source]

Runs actions inside each action block of each target

  • action_blocks – list of action_blocks each block constitues to a type of hook
  • tgt_data – data specific to target, which can be dict of

topology , layout, outputs, inventory :param is_global: scope of the hook

example: action_block: - name: do_something

type: shell actions:

  • echo ‘ this is ‘postup’ operation Hello hai how r u ?’
run_hooks(state, is_global=False)[source]

Function to run hook all hooks from Pinfile based on the state :param state: hook state (currently, preup, postup, predestroy, postdestroy) :param is_global: whether the hook is global (can be applied to multiple targets)